Pickleball Kelowna Club (PKC) Membership Registration:

Step #1

Existing PCO Members, go to Pickleball Canada - https://secure.pickleballcanada.org

Click on “LOGIN”, review and record your existing PCO# and Expiry Date.

If you are not an existing Pickleball Canada Member, please go to Pickleball Canada, register, and pay your PCO/PBC dues.

Note: all PKC Members are required to have a PCO #.

If you need more detailed instructions for joining PCO and PBC, please follow this you-tube video. click to view

Step #2

To purchase your PKC Membership, please go to https://www.pickleballsoft.com/kelowna

Step #3

After purchasing your PKC Membership, please log in and be taken to the “Welcome player name” page, this page is called the Member Portal.

If you want to Register for League Play or Register for Lessons you will see “Register for Lessons and Leagues” on your Member Portal page.

Try the “Book a Court”, you can book a court right away for the Club Season.

The PKC Junior Membership (16 and under) is $40.00 plus gst

All PKC Court Scheduled Programs, all PKC Online Court Reservations from May 1st to September 30th, are Members only and are available to book as soon as you purchase your PKC Membership

PKC Members-only Lessons are Mondays 4 pm - 6 pm and 6 pm - 8 pm. These lessons are available to book only through PKC as soon as you purchase your PKC Membership.

PKC is a Members-only club, there are NO drop-ins.

Year-End Discount for new memberships:

August 15th: 50% off

Sept 1st 75% off

Sept 15th Sign Waiver only

Some information about our Pickleball Kelowna Club

Pickleball Kelowna Club (PKC)

Typically operates from May 1st to the last Sunday in September. PKC is located at the Kelowna Parkinson Recreation Center, 1800 Parkinson Way, Kelowna B.C. PKC offers many different play opportunities for members, please go to PKC Info and the court schedule for playtimes. Like any volunteer organization, we depend on our members to help out and support the club. 


Parkinson Recreation Centre. 1700 Parkinson Way, BC V1Y 4P9

Email: info@pickleballkelowna.com